The Compassion Course Online
Outreach Supporters Page

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in helping. As we watched the course grow over the past years, it has become very clear to us that our ability to offer this course as we do (to anyone in the world) is sustained by two things:

  • Participants and registrants telling others about it. Whether it’s via Facebook, email, on the phone or at the dinner table, our participants and registrants are the greatest single source of new registrations and ultimately a continuously growing community (in number and awareness).

  • Community members helping each other integrate and understand this work. Globally, through our course message boards and tele-conferences and locally, through self-organized practice and study groups.

Below is a list of things that you can do to help support the course. We are hoping this helps you to help us. If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, we welcome your communication. Thanks again.

With warmth and gratitude,

The Compassion Course Team
Email: coursecoordinator@nycnvc.org
Phone: (646)201-9226

Things You Can Do:

1. Share our webpage link with your friends and family.

We’ve noticed that it makes a big difference when someone who doesn’t know about the course, hears about it from someone they know. If you think people you know, or a list-serv or online group you belong to might be interested in the course, you can share our link with them: compassioncourse.org (P.S. Our Compassion Course Video on the site might help so you don’t have to do much of the talking if you don’t want to).

2. Are you part of a social network?

If you are you can tell others about the course by sharing pictures with quotes from the course which we have already prepared in this Media Folder. Simply download the images you like and they are already sized to fit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter requirements. As well by clicking our social network buttons below you can share our information on Facebook where information of the course travels far and wide and in fact many of the folks who would not usually hear about the course, find out about it on Facebook.

3. Do you have a local bulletin board in your community, where people might be interested in seeing information the course?

You can print and post our flyer.
To access a color flyer ->  Click Here for a PDF  or  Here for a JPG.
To access a black & white flyer ->  Click Here for a PDF  or  Here for a JPG.